Santa's Sleigh
"Truly the best Santa-and-reindeer model I've seen in LEGO form." "5 out of 5!" "A stunning piece of work. A true masterpiece." "Stupendous... missing no detail." See what else others have said about Santa's Sleigh.
LEGO Santa's Sleigh
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Help Santa and his reindeer deliver all the presents this Christmas Eve! Albeca Toys™ is proud to present Santa's Sleigh, a limited-edition, custom-designed LEGO® set.
A great Christmas present for the kids or the collectors in your life, Santa's Sleigh includes Santa, his presents, his sleigh, and all nine of his famous reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and, of course, Rudolph - complete with his shiny, red nose!
LEGO Rudolph and Reindeer
The nine reindeer are light brown, with white bellies, white "puffy" tails, and white antlers - and of course Rudolph's got that nose of his! The reindeer can move their necks up and down, and they get hitched up to the sleigh with a festive red harness that is specially designed to stand up to the rigors of play.
LEGO Sleigh
The sleigh, inspired by The Polar Express, is made of green "wood" with red trim and "gold" decorations. Behind Santa's seat, you'll find space for presents and a holder to store his whip, and the back of the sleigh can be lowered so presents can be easily loaded up or delivered.
LEGO Presents
Speaking of presents, Santa's Sleigh comes with six of them - each one unique and colorfully tied up with a "ribbon" and a matching "bow".
LEGO Santa
And how could we forget the star of the show! Santa is instantly recognizable, decked out in red with his black "belt" and white beard, and comes with a whip to spur his reindeer on through the night.
The set comes with a total of 365 new and used* LEGO pieces, including a Santa minifig and numerous hard-to-find pieces. Assembled, the set comes in around a whopping 21 inches (53 centimeters) from the tip of Rudolph's nose to the back of the sleigh. And of course Santa's Sleigh comes complete with step-by-step digital instructions showing how to put it all together.
Up, up, and away! LEGO Santa's Sleigh
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Truly the best Santa-and-reindeer model I've seen in LEGO form.
      - Fascinating LEGO Model of the Day
5 out of 5!
      - MOCpages
[A] great MOC of Santa, his sleigh, and a whole complement of reindeer.
      - Bill Ward’s Brickpile
Stupendous... missing no detail.
      - The LEGO® Brick
This really is a stunning piece of work. A true masterpiece.
      - James LasagnaBoy
Love the sleigh, very detailed!
      - Fed
It captures all the fun of Santa.
      - Ben Kauffman
      - Will Thomas
Photography by Kelly Schonour of Kelly Photo Fine Photography Boutique